About the Blog

This blog was born in 2010 and it started as space where I was adding my fictional writing. Later, I started to write more about nice, interesting events (that I thought more people should know about) happening in my hometown. After that, I started to showcase my volunteer work, since I was quite active during my college years.

This blog has been through a lot of changes.

In the end, I decided to write about things I experience and love, hoping I would help other people along the way. From yummy recipes to authentic travel guides and easy tips to improve yourself and your life, you’ll find a bit of my passions in each article.

Usually, there’s a new article going live each Monday evening.


Articles about how to improve and enjoy life more, books, mindfulness and health.


Some indulgent, some super healthy, you’ll find step-by-step recipes for the entire family.


Travel guides, tips and tricks with a twist: not your standard ‘Instagrammable’ guide.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a niche on this blog. While my inner marketer believes that having a niche is an excellent idea, it’s not working for me as a blogger.

In the digital era, take everything with a grain of salt

We live in a time where information is everywhere and very accessible. Unfortunately, this comes hand in hand with things like fake news, misleading information and much more.

Remember that we are all different and someone’s experience, shouldn’t be identical to yours. I highly encourage you to take all the information you find online (including on this blog) with a grain of salt; always check the sources and research in different places to verify the information.


Bring insightful, relatable and well-documented articles in order to inspire and motivate others

All the things you’ll find here, I’ve experienced in a way or another.

I will never write about things I haven’t “felt on my own skin”. I always do my best to research the information I put here – especially when it comes to health topics. But as I mentioned earlier, you’ll see that I always tell people to not take everything they see here for granted: if something worked very well for me, it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you.

About the Author

My name is Cristina and I have a curious and creative mind. I’m putting my skills to good use in my day-to-day life, job and hobbies.

I’m a full-time digital marketer and part-time photographer and writing is both my job and my passion.

I’m a huge dog lover and foodie.

Life is full of amazing experiences and I’ll try to share them with you through this website. I truly hope you’ll find them useful, inspiring and meaningful.

Last, but not least please take a look over the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You’ll find answers to a lot of questions about the blog in the FAQ section.

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