Best and Worst Christmas Gift Ideas

best and worst Christmas gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas shopping. I love giving gifts, because the feeling of seeing your loved ones opening them is priceless. Although, there is a list out there with best and worst Christmas gift ideas. I previously wrote an article about Christmas gift ideas for him & her and it also included some tricks of finding out what they’d wish as Christmas presents.

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I came across a really nice research that concluded which are the best and the worst Christmas gift ideas that someone could possibly get. Also, I have to admit that some of them are quite obvious, while the bad ideas are very hilarious. Anyway, I will link the source at the end of the article so that you can enjoy the whole lists.

Anyway… let’s get started, shall we?

Best and Worst Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m going to start with the “best part” because that’s why you’re here, right?

First of all, people appreciate meaningful gifts.  And of course, we all love getting surprised. And also when we get what we asked for.

What a meaningful gift is, only you and the one that will receive it will know. A gift can be meaningful to me, but useless to you, so all it takes is to know a little the person that you are about to buy that meaningful present.

You can’t go wrong with electronics and jewelry

Apparently this ideas never get old. Men are obsessed with technology (electronics included, of course) while women’s heart can be melted by shiny jewelries. And I have to admit the jewelry part is true; I am obsessed with all types of jewelry and even though I have quite a few, I rarely wear them. Women’s logic.

Just for the record, I’m also into technology so I would get mad if I would get a DSLR or something electronic that would clean the house instead of me. You have to know your woman, guys!

So, to be 100% that you won’t fail, do some research. Find out if they already own something similar, try to personalise it or something similar, to make it meaningful. Also I think that gifting jewelry to a woman that you are not very close, it’s a little bit too much. Just sayin’.

Worst Christmas Gift Ideas

For the worst Christmas gift ideas, I have to mention that the research is based on US people. I don’t know if it’s just me (and my European background), but I find this list VERY amusing. Americans are either very (not!) subtle or completely brainless when it comes to brainstorm Christmas gift ideas. From a cemetery plot (very subtle), to fund-less gift cards (this might be Grinch’s idea, actually) or a box of tampons the list is hilarious.

I will leave the beautiful graphic that they created for the list. It’s very pinnable also.

Before the list, I want to mention that some things from it can be very meaningful to others. Things like a box of tampons of food could be very much appreciated by those in need and if you feel like bringing a smile on a family in need, please take the time and gift them the things that they need for a decent Christmas dinner. Because Christmas is not about expensive gift, it’s about giving.

Also, many thanks to Alexandria for contacting me and letting me know about this research they made at Siege Media. The whole article with a lot more nice graphics is available here.

What were the best and worst Christmas gift you ever got?

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