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For some, Christmas is the best time of the year: all the cheer, peace and joy are the best things that Christmas brings. For the others, it’s a complete nightmare due to all the Christmas shopping they have to make. There are certainly quite a few gifts you have to buy: for parents, brothers and sisters, in-laws, friends and relatives. The truth is that every single one of us has a certain “style” that can be applied when you buy gifts too.

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With that being said, I’m super excited to show you my budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas for everyone in your family and circle of friends! 

Honestly, I haven’t planned writing a Christmas gift guide, but some of you were really excited about one and I said I will give it a try. Enjoy!

For the travellers

We all have that one friend or relative who travels a lot. It can be for business or pleasure, but the needs are quite similar. Long flights, interminable airport queues and lost luggage are issues a frequent traveller will face quite often.

Make their adventures better by gifting them one of these:

  1. summer Fridays jet lag mask – even your skin gets jet lagged
  2. tumbler – to always have a drink on hand at the right temperature
  3. silk sleep mask – for sweet dreams during long flights
  4. luggage tags – to void any unpleasant surprises
  5. Airbnb coupon – for a few extra days in that dreamy location
  6. toiletries containers – TSA approved
  7. marble carry-on – everyone should travel in style from time to time
  8. carry-on cocktail kit – for when flights get unbearable
  9. monogrammed passport cover – it’s not like someone can use it instead of you, but it’s always a nice touch

For the foodies

I have sooo many suggestions here since I’m myself a foodie. Basically, foodies love to eat food, but they also enjoy preparing it. So every kitchen tool, hack or cute-looking thing will be good for us.

  1. book stand – for hands-free while cooking; I always wanted one
  2. popcorn machine – even foodies don’t feel like making popcorn sometimes
  3. torch– for those fancy desserts each foodie dreamed of making
  4. cute apron – we never can have enough of them
  5. kitchen utensils container – for all those many utensils we have
  6. lemon tray – every food-themed accessory will do
  7. cheese board – each foodie dreams of one
  8. chemex coffee jug –  for the minimalist coffee lover
  9. copper kitchen utensils – because each kitchen should keep up with the latest trends
  10. french press – works wonderfully for coffee AND tea
  11. tea storage jar –  or any other treats 

For the cosy ones

I would label myself as a lazy person, rather than a cosy one, but we don’t want to offend anyone during Christmas.

For those who don’t really enjoy going out and will always choose a cosy night in over a night out, every tiny excuse to stay inside is good.

  1. mug with infuser – for all that tea jar
  2. fluffy slippers – as long as they’re Christmas-themed, no one will judge
  3. fluffy dressing gown – anyone can live in it
  4. tea collection – for cosy, full of flavour evenings
  5. tumbler – to keep the cosy beverages at the right temperature for as long as they need
  6. comfy PJs – because you can live in these as well
  7. Netflix gift card – because Netflix and chill
  8. one pieces – as long as it’s cosy, it doesn’t matter how you look in it
  9. room candle – because everything gets cosier when a candle is on
  10. books – there’s no better feeling than reading a good book

For silver foxes

Grandmas, in-laws, aunts and uncles – all the wise ones who inspire and guide us throughout our deserve something special.

  1. stylish apron – cooking is fun with the right outfit
  2. Aerin perfume set – everyone deserves their own spoiling moment
  3. hand cream – to smooth any dry hands
  4. gloves – to keep the hands protected from cold
  5. silk scarf – timeless, forever elegant
  6. purse – for all the change
  7. handbag – to stay on trend

For the new homeowners/newlywed

There will always be someone who’s either moving houses or are getting their first house.

When I moved out my parents’ house, I had no idea how many tiny things I needed, like a can opener, bottle opener and so on. They were always there – who would have thought it won’t be in the new house as well?

  1. copper mugs – for mulled wine during cosy winter evenings
  2. copper kitchen utensils with storage container – to match those mugs
  3. bathtub caddy –  for extra cosy baths during decorating sessions
  4. cocktail shaker – for entertaining evenings or dinners
  5. wike rack –  you don’t know you need one until you get one
  6. photo frames – for the cosy and homey vibe
  7. kitchen towels – you can never have too many of them
  8. ice bucket – for fancy dinners
  9. funky doormat – to make it welcoming before guests come in
  10. diffuser – for elegant, cosy, and welcoming atmosphere

For tech lovers

You know that one friend who’s a total geek and knows everything about the latest technologies on the market? We all know him. 

  1. USB keychain charger – double functionality
  2. wireless headphones – who likes wires anymore?!
  3. google home mini – to help you get rid of the small tasks, she’s also funny and sarcastic
  4. google chrome cast – to upgrade that smart TV
  5. smart tracker device – to never lose the small, important things
  6. smart water bottle – keeps you hydrated in a very smart way
  7. fitness bracelet – someone has to count all the steps

For the business people

Tons of papers to sign, lots of approvals to give and usually not a lot of free time. From a minimalist tumbler to a stylish pen, business people will always need good quality stationery. 

  1. daily planner – to plan all those meetings
  2. pen – one has to write with something
  3. Moleskine notebook – for all the good and bad ideas
  4. stylish backpack – to fit with the business attire
  5. key wallet – to keep all the keys in one place, in a stylish way
  6. stainless still tumbler – stylish, yet so useful to keep that much-needed coffee warm

For the beauty gurus

They know which are the latest beauty products available. And you can be sure their bathroom is full of skincare and make-up products. Beauty routine is a huge part of their life.

  1. summer Fridays jet lag mask
  2. sheet masks – to relax and hydrate the face
  3. sleeping mask – beauty sleep with right accessories
  4. jade roller – such a huge trend lately
  5. Mario Badescu skincare set – complete skincare routine
  6. Herbivore bath salts – relaxing baths are part of a full beauty ritual
  7. eye mask – for fabulous-looking under-eye area
  8. muslin face cloth – for an environmental-friendly make-up removal ritual
  9. Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate – to complete the beauty sleep routine

For the Instagrammer

For that friend who’s all about pictures and filters, choose from this list:

  1. hp sprocket – to print all those memorable Insta pics
  2. Fujifilm Instax – for instant printed memories
  3. mini tripod for smartphone – for hands-free Insta stories
  4. lenses for smartphone – to upgrade the camera’s capabilities
  5. memory card – to store all the good pictures (I would never say “no” to an extra card for my camera)
  6. portable USB charger – to never run out of battery
  7. phone-friendly gloves – to snap photos even when the weather is f-ing cold
  8. gift card for presets – to upgrade the Instagram game

For the workout lover

There’s always one person within each group who lives in the gym and eats only protein dust form big plastic jars. They might appreciate these gifts.

  1. dry shampoo – to look flawless after an hour of sweating
  2. smoothie blender – to mix all that protein powder
  3. Spotify subscription gift card – to keep the motivation going
  4. water bottle – to keep the hydration on hand, also plastic-free
  5. fitness bracelet – to track each and every step
  6. gym bag – for all the gym equipment 
  7. yoga mat – for at-home yoga sessions and not only

For the new parent

As I talked with some of my friends who recently became parents, all they wish is some sleep. Or anything that could buy them some time for sleep.

There’s also one common mistake we all make: we always think about the baby. We want to see the baby, buy things for the baby, but we often forget about those who keep the baby alive: the parents.

  1. Macrame swing chair – for a few seconds of hygge
  2. portable JBL Go speaker – to entertain kids without a screen
  3. cute, elegant PJ set – being a parent doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself
  4. cute printed baby swaddle – that can have different purposes
  5. a crockpot – to dumb all ingredients in and have dinner ready with minimal effort
  6. everything that could bring some extra sleep – if both you and the parents feel comfortable, offer to babysit the baby for a few hours so they can get some sleep, or a nice walk

I hope you found some inspiration for Christmas shopping this year. And with Black Friday coming in a few days, make sure you put everything you want in your wishlist! 

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(will continue to update this list, as new offers roll out)

P.S.: no one will judge if some will actually be for you. 🤫

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