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A few days ago, when I was buying wrapping paper for my Christmas gifts, I was also searching for those cute, kinds of pointy gift bows that you stick to the presents. I am that lazy and I had no idea they can be handcrafted.

When I saw how pricey a tiny gift bow was, I said I must try to make my own. I also needed quite a few, so I bought some nice and festive ribbon and went home to create my own Christmas gift bows, because… why not?!

All you will need to make your own gift bows:

As you can see, you don’t need a lot. Only a little bit of patience.

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First of all, I want to say that a wider ribbon I think would have worked better. You can totally make these bows out of paper as well. I chose to use ribbon because it has the same width and I didn’t had to cut it anymore. Lazy DIYer. Anyway, the metallic effect was also too nice not to buy it.

Start by cutting 9 strips of ribbon to these measurements:

Make sure that you stack them in order, because you will need them like that.

First step is to make a tiny ring out of the smallest stripe. Stick it using double sided tape and set aside – we will need it for the last step.

Take one of the large stripe and mark the middle of it by folding it. The mark will guide you where to stick the ends of the stripes. Now, take one end of the stripe and twist it, so that the back of the ribbon stays up and the end of it sticks to the middle mark. Peel off the double sided tape and stick it.

Now you have to twist the other side as well. I found it easier to switch the other end facing me and twist it on the right side as well. You have to twist it on the other side, to have a symmetrical bow. But by switching it to face you, you will be twisting it always to the right and the bow will always be symmetrical, just like in the pic below.

Continue this with the remaining 8 stripes of ribbon. At the end of this process, you should end up with something like this:

It’s all about the tape, baby!

Now you have to stick all the tiny bows into a big, beautiful gift bow. Use the double sided tape to stick them on layers, based on the 3 different dimensions. Start by sticking together the bigger bows, after that on top the medium ones and in the end the smallest ones. When you stick each bow, make sure that the pointy edges are in between two other edges.

After all the layers are glued/stacked together we’ll add the tiny ring that we made at the beginning, in the middle of the bow to complete it.

Last but not least, add a piece of double sided sticky tape on the back of the bow, so that you can stick it on the presents.

And you are done! You’ve just made your very own gift bow for far way less money than it is in shops! Isn’t it cute?

Don’t forget to let your loved one know that you handcrafted these cute gift bows. It will add so much meaningfulness to any gift!

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Hope you liked this tutorial and now you can make your own gift bows! Also, please share your recreations with me, I would love to see how they turned out!

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