How To Get Over the Post Holiday Depression

ith all the holly, jolly December, it’s easy to feel the post holiday depression symptoms. And there is no one to blame, especially not you! You might also have faced the post holiday depression after a long, dreamy vacation somewhere far, far away. The term refers to negative feelings surrounding you after a holiday period: either an amazing vacation or the winter holidays.

Chances are that by now you most probably got over the Christmas and New Year’s nostalgia. Usually going back to work or to school brings us back (in a brutal way) to reality.

How To Get Over the Post Holiday Depression

If you haven’t got back in business yet and you’re still feeling a little down, here are some tips that might help you!

1. Continue the festivities

Let the Christmas tree decorated for a little longer, maybe a week after the New Year’s Eve. Continue to listen to Christmas carols (it’s not bad luck) while you’re at work and pin cute Christmasy photos during your lunch break. In this way, even though you will not be happy to be back to work, you will still get that Christmas spirit that you’re graving. You will get sick of it eventually and you will feel the need of going back to “normal”.

2. Surround yourself with friends

If you’re facing some sort of depression symptoms, one of them might be anxiety and loneliness. You will definitely not feel like going out and have a good laugh with your friends. But the one thing that I love about the winter holidays is that I get to go home and hang out with one of my dearest friends. We are all very different and similar in a weird, twisted way and we always feel really good when we hang out.

This is also included in the first tip of continuing with the holiday atmosphere. So call a night out with your closest friends, have a good laugh and let all those negative feeling drift away.

3. Keep doing the things that you like

This tip was given to me be a therapist when I was trying to help my Mum to get over some sort of depression. Luckily I did not have to face severe depression so far, but I had to face some of its symptoms and I have to say it’s horrible! You can barely get out of bed, eat and find a meaning of your life. If you’re in this king or state, be sure that you have a list of things that you enjoy on hand. Look through it and see if anything make you feel better and start doing it. One of my favourite things to do are reading, writing, taking photographs and cooking. You will find it hard to do it in the beginning, but once you’ll find the energy and strength to do it, you will be very grateful.

4. Have a walk

Many studies have concluded that having a nice walk in the nature, or having regular walks can prevent depression. With a little effort, you can boost your mood a lot.

5. Talk to someone

Whatever is your partner, sister or BFF, talk to someone that you are 100% comfortable with. It’s very important that you don’t feel judged or criticized in any way. It might take some strength to do it, but you might discover that they are going to similar feelings as you do, which will ease the burden a lot.

You can also take that friend to a nice walk and talk about… things.

 6. It will be back

If this brings you any comfort: Christmas will be back in less than a year! And all the peacefulness and joy will be back. But until then, you have to make it worth the waiting; have a hell of a year so that you can enjoy Christmas and New Year to their fullest!

7. Seek help

If there have been a few weeks now and you still have trouble sleeping, waking up and pulling yourself up, then you should think about seeking professional help. Please, trust me that there is no shame in going to a therapist! It’s probably one of the healthiest decisions you’ll make in your entire life. You will see, that it’s amazing when an expert is telling you that you’re not the only one facing this (because that’s how you feel) and that it’s not your fault for feeling so. These people are there to help, not judge you so fuck the shame or other stupid feelings that you have about doing therapy and call for an appointment.

What other tips do you have to get over the post-holiday depression? Does it affect you in any way?

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