Homemade Thick Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

thick hot chocolate mix recipe

In my hometown, there was this tiny, yet cosy cafe which served amazing thick hot chocolate. I fell in love with that kind of dense hot chocolate from the very beginning and the variety was also quite impressive. I wanted to enjoy that rich, creamy, chocolatey taste at home as well and when the cafe got closed, I know it was time to figure it out how to make it myself.

Hot chocolate is perfect for winter and Christmas time, but it’s dreamy when it’s thicker than a regular liquid. There’s only one ingredient needed to make the magic happen: cornstarch.


You can adapt the quantities based on how sweet or thick you want the hot chocolate. Honestly, I don’t have certain amounts of ingredients for this recipe, I usually go with the flow. Also, this recipe will fill in a medium sized jar (0.7 l).

Start by chopping the chocolate. I don’t spend too much time chopping it too finely because it will melt later anyway.

Stiff the cocoa powder, sugar an cornstarch, to make sure there are no lumps.

And that’s pretty much it… Mix everything well and store the mixture in a cool place, in an airtight jar.

I made this thick hot chocolate mix for some of my friends that I knew loved thick hot chocolate. They adored it! I also gifted it in some adorable reindeer jars – that what the cherry on the cake.

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Now that you have the mix done, you need to know some tips and tricks on how to make it actually thick.

Because it has cornstarch, the hot chocolate won’t thicken unless it’s prepared with a boiling hot liquid.

I highly recommend preparing the chocolate over the stove, not just warm up some milk over the mixture:

Some extra tips

Allergic to cornstarch?

I know a lot of people are allergic to cornstarch or simply don’t “trust” cornstarch. It doesn’t mean you have to give up having this yummy thick hot chocolate. Substitute cornstarch with plain flour. It has the same effect, you just need to make sure you cook it for extra couple of minutes, to make sure the flour is cooked (yes, flour can be cooked).

I recommend adding the flour while cooking the hot chocolate, so you have a little more control of the thickness.

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