How To Make Adorable Reindeer Jars | Christmas DIY

A couple of years ago I saw this adorable picture with a jar decorated to look like Rudolph. I fell in love with it and I said I have to try recreating them. And as you guessed, they turned out too adorable to not share them with you.

These reindeer jars are not just an instant “awww!” magnet, but are also practical. Use them to store Christmas cookies, hot chocolate mix or fill them with tiny presents and gift them to your loved ones.

What You Will Need

You don’t need lots of craft items for this, so let’s add “easy” to the adorable part of this project. The things you will need for the adorable reindeer jar are:

Do it Yourself

Start by measuring around the jar, using the felt fabric to determine the height and length of the “fur”.

Once the measures are set, cut the felt fabric accordingly and wrap it around the jar, adding glue at one end.

Cut the excess felt fabric, if any.

Place the eyes and red nose over the felt fabric. Don’t glue them right away. Choose the right size for the eyes and nose. Depending on the size of the jar, they should be smaller or bigger. Also, make sure the eyes are straight. I know it sounds stupid, but my first reindeer jar did not have straight eyes…

Ok, now that everything is straight and even, it’s time to glue them.

On the cap of the jar, add two blobs of glue and stick two pipe cleaners and hold them in place to allow the glue to dry. Make them as long or as short as you feel comfortable. If you plan using the jar only for decorative purposes, then longer horns it is.

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Cut two small pieces of furry wire (around 5 cm or depending on how long the horns actually are) and wrap them on top of the horns in a V shape to finish the reindeer horns. Depending on how long the horns are, you can add more of these.

Last, wrap the red ribbon around the jar’s lid and glue it in place. Based on how large the lid of the jar is, you will need more or less ribbon.

And that’s pretty much it.

I filled this one with some homemade chocolate mix (recipe coming soon). But there are a lot of things you can store using these cuties.

What you can store in them:

Last year I added some hand and nail care items (mini nail polishes, travel size hand cream, etc.) and gave them to my best friends. They were more impressed by the packaging rather than what was inside, honestly. I’m telling you, a boring jar “dressed” as an adorable reindeer will melt hearts.

You can also choose non-traditional colours. For example, “dress” seven jars in each colour of the rainbow and use them to store things like sugar, flour or tea during Christmas time.

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I also created some sort of a video tutorial (never going to use autofocus while filming again) to show you how you can recreate this crafting project. I hope you will find it useful and the article made you “aww”.

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