5 Morning Routines You Can Easily Take Up (That Are Not Meditation)

I am a lazy person. Or at least that’s what I like to believe. I’m that lazy that I’m not too good at morning routines. I mean… like those you see beauty gurus post on Youtube. I managed to start cleansing my skin – almost – every morning and evening which is amazing. Gimmie a hi5!

So, since I’m lazy having that perfect morning routine is not for me. When I watch those videos or read about it, it makes me wonder how those people get 28 hours a day. Because I would literally need 3 hours or more to make everything. And meditating is hard… especially in the morning when you are half asleep, so cut the bullshit.

Getting into a new (healthy) habit needs consistency and strong will. Trying to have a 100% perfectly cliche morning routine will most probably fail.

love easy mornings. For me, easy mornings are those when I wake up peacefully, have a full homemade cooked breakfast, have time for my “bathroom routine” (maybe applying some make-up too) and leaving the house quite nice and clean for the evening.

It feels amazing starting the day slowly, yet productive and fully energized. Here are some healthy habits that are not too complicated to take up.

1. Wake Up At the Same Hour

I already said how important – yet simple – it is to go to bed to the same hour. Our bodies love routine – especially when they are the good ones. Dropping even a bad routine (like always smoking in the morning) makes us anxious and uncomfortable.

So, going to sleep at the same hour will most probably mean you’ll wake up at the same approximate hour each day.

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Waking up at the same hour each day (including weekends) will be extremely helpful in establishing a healthy morning routine. That… if your same-waking-up-hour isn’t 15 minutes before you’re supposed to go to work or school.

2. Stretch

There are people who love working out or going for a jog early in the morning. It doesn’t happen too often for me. Especially in the morning.

The one things I found worked for me is stretching. While you’ll not get a full sweat body, stretching those sleepy muscles will make you feel much more aware and energetic.

3. Don’t Touch Technology

I’ve already talked about this in a previous article, and I have to admit, I’m still struggling with this.

Not touching any device that can connect to the Internet is very important for a good morning.

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Turn the mobile data just for a few seconds and you’ll find yourself scrolling through social media or playing games for a good few minutes. Or you can read that e-mail that will ruin your entire morning and will make you feel angry or anxious.

4. Learn

Learning new things is constantly connected to preventing Alzheimer’s disease and improving memory.

Don’t get too stuck in your 9-to-5 life and try to learn new things every day. Here are some simple ideas that will help you learn new things:

While I don’t have time to watch a full documentary in the morning, I like to listen to TED Talks while brushing my teeth and so on.

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5. Clear Your Mind

You might think that your mind is super fresh and ready to go after a night full of sleep. But do you know those mornings when you’re tired before you even wake up? Mhm… we all do.

I used to have quite stressful mornings because I could not stop thinking about the things I’m supposed to do and I desperately tried to remember everything. And God, it’s tiring!

Use a Planner

My solution was – and still is – using a planner. I don’t have a crazy schedule, but writing down my goals, appointments, and things I have to remember, frees my mind of the burden of remembering it all. I don’t have to use my mind as a gathering point because it’s all there, on the paper.

Minimalist Journaling

Keeping a diary isn’t for everyone. I find it quite time-consuming, to be honest. My way of journaling is keeping a gratitude diary where I write when I feel truly grateful for something – no matter the occasion. It’s wonderful to go back and read it!

If you’re not really into journaling, create a basic template where you’ll write:

Plain and simple. Helps you calm down and focus on what’s truly important to you.

Morning Pages

I’ve heard of his technique quite recently and I have to admit I haven’t tried it. It sounds quite easy and promising.

Morning pages is a habit of you writing whatever’s on your mind. The rule is you have to fill in 3 pages. It’s not a diary. You simply put your brain’s random thoughts on a piece of paper.

Don’t feel pressured to take up ALL these habits at once. Start one by one and decide which one fits best your lifestyle and health.

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