Ways to Reward Yourself on a Weekly Basis

We live in a crazy, crazy world where a lot of things happen. We get too caught up in our own rat races (9-to-5 working schedule, prepping the meal, taking care of your kids and so on) that we usually forget to take care of the most important person in this picture: ourselves.

Why rewarding yourself?

Well… it’s simple; reward yourself simply because you are worthy. There might be people around you who remind you this – cherish those people! – but it is always best to remind this yourself from time to time.

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From my point of view rewarding myself means make small gifts from me to myself. It sounds weird, I’m aware of that. But I think that having a small time window (almost) each week when you stop everything to truly appreciate and remind yourself that you are worthy can be very beneficial for one’s mental health and confidence.

Set some rules

Since this is a weekly “thing” let’s establish some rules:

1. Identify your favourite things

… that you don’t do too often. It should feel as a reward, shouldn’t it? Write them down, it’s easier to visualise everything and give them stars – based on how big the reward is.

2. Set limits and be realistic

Getting an expensive pair of shoes every week just because you feel like you deserve them, it’s not ok. Don’t be a little-spoiled brat and set some strict limits that will not leave you bankrupt. Just sayin’.

3. Save it for something bigger

Maybe you don’t actually feel like rewarding yourself this week, so the money, energy or time you were going to invest in your reward can be put to some other good. Save that extra day off and that extra money for later on for something bigger like a city break in your favourite spot.

Here are some ideas on how you can reward yourself on a weekly basis

1. Disconnect

It sounds like a cliche… I know. But refusing to touch any technology for a day will certainly make you feel better. You will actually have time to be with yourself and notice things around you that you were not even aware they existed before. Things like slow mornings, enjoying a cup of hot tea or coffee, while watching the sunrise are priceless to me. They bring me so much peace of mind.

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You do not need to do something to feel productive or guilty if you are just idling in bed or at the balcony gazing on the sunrise or sunset. Your brain is an incredible tool. It can solve problems during sleep and especially when doing relaxing activities that have nothing to do with the problems. If you do not believe it, think of a moment when you took a shower and an idea just pops in your head out of nowhere which in fact was a solution to one of your challenges at work or in life.

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So disconnecting might actually be a true way of getting inspired

2. Make it material

We find pleasure in buying things. And not any kind of things – usually useless things. So, make it material – but don’t forget rule number 2. here are some suggestions:

If you do decide to go for something material, note that the happiness won’t last. Choose to “invest” in experiences, rather than in material belongings.

3. Write a gratitude journal

This is more of a long-term idea. Writing at the end of the day or week what you were grateful for today is a known practice of successful and happy people. But the important part if to take some time and read your notes to remind yourself how many beautiful things happen and how grateful you were back then.

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4. Nature road trip

Spending time in nature, disconnected from everything, even for a few hours will boost your mood immediately. You are far away from the urban jungle, the beauty of nature is surrounding you and you can be with yourself and your thoughts.

5. Catch up

You can catch up with a lot of things, such as:

I usually regret that I don’t talk as much as I’d wish with my friends and relatives. This is actually one of the biggest regrets people have on their dying beds. So I try to learn from other’s regrets. I always feel better after I have a quick chat with my grandparents or dear friends.

Catching up with yourself is super important. You can do this whatever you think is best: evaluate yourself, think about future goals and so on.

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be a reward. But we get so busy, that feels like a reward. So don’t ignore your health (each type of it).

6. Practice a long forgotten hobby

Maybe you used to love to knit or draw, but because life happened you never had time for it. Set aside a few hours each week to practice that long-forgotten hobby. Relax and enjoy yourself while improving a new skill.

I know how easy it is to put yourself on the second place. You can wait an extra week, month or year for the little gift to yourself you want to make for a long now. You can wait, the people around you need you more and you can wait. STOP DOING THIS! You should be the most important person in your life. I’m not telling you to be vain, just to look after yourself and reward yourself, because you’re worth it.

Do you reward yourself every now and then? What are your favourite rewards?
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