A shoppable list of all the things I use for the blog and beyond. I try to update this list as often as possible so you are up-to-date with everything I use and have recently discovered and loved.

You’ll find my photography equipment, all-time must-haves in the kitchen, book recommendations and not only.

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Beauty & Lifestyle

I swear by these products. They made my life easier.


My all-time favourite and must-haves for meal prep and every cooking-passionate out there.


All the tools I use to take photos for the blog and not only.



Pretty much the books I read throughout time and my reading challenges.

Personal Development




Quick Note: The items listed on this page are affiliate marketing. In case you purchase anything from here, I will get a small percentage of the sale. This doesn’t mean you will pay more – the retailers will redirect a small percentage of their commercial added value to me. All the products mentioned here are one of my favourites, that worked very well for me and that I use regularly. This small revenue helps me cover some of the maintainance costs for the blog (hosting, domain name, themes, plug-ins, etc.) and I’m beyond grateful for your support! This also means that you don’t have to feel compelled in any way to purchase anything, I just hope the content is more insightful this way. Thank you!

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