Simple Goals You Should Set for This Year’s Resolution

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Since it is January – officially the longest month ever, that means there is plenty of time for planning, reflection and reviewing.

If you haven’t set your goals for this year yet, here are some ideas to inspire you! Call it new year’s resolution, or simply goals, the purpose is the same: to improve your life and help you become a better person (hopefully).

Here are some simple goals to set for this year’s resolution.

Quit a bad habit

Forming a bad habit is sooo easy.

Just think of how delicious junk food is. It might not be healthy, but who cares about that when the taste is so good? All you have to do is pay and gorge yourself with all that full-of-salt food.

It’s ridiculous how easy it is to form a bad habit and how impossible it seems to break it.

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Here are some common bad habits you could add to your list:

Form a good habit

Of course there had to be the opposite suggestion.

Developing a new (good) habit is more difficult than sticking with a bad one. This is just the law.

While people are debating if 21 days of 60 days are enough to form a new habit, it for sure takes quite a few weeks to make those good things stick around.

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I think you already have a list here: loose weight, eat more healthy, drink more water and so on. Here are some suggestions you might not have think of:

Take up a hobby

We all have a few things we are passionate about but because of lack of time and energy, we don’t do them.

It could be crafting, hiking, driving, painting, photography, or whatever activity that is not related to your day-to-day job.

Practising a hobby is proven to release stress, improve memory and the overall mental state. A hobby helps us unwind from the daily problems that drain us out of energy. It lets our mind relax and have a good time.

There will always be an excuse on-hand to post-pone taking up a hobby: no time, no energy, kids are more important now, no money and you probably know the list. There are endless free (or paid) sources for tutorials and unless you don’t pick and expensive hobby like me (photography) you should be fine.

Create a savings account

It could be for retirement, travel, unexpected bad days or small indulgences every now and then. A savings account is for sure always on hand – who doesn’t need the extra money?!

If you can’t set aside too much, don’t just quit. Add the smallest amount you can – make sure it’s at least 10% of your income. If you made $10 today, add $1 in the savings account or in a jar. It might sound ridiculous, but you’ll be amazed how much you’ll have there over time.

Later on you can separate the money into different accounts: retirement, buffer fund and bad days.

Remember: it’s always good to have some extra money than none at all when needed. Better start early.

Set up a reading challenge

I’m not sure if Good Reads first introduced the concept, but that’s where I found out about it.

A reading challenge is basically setting a goal of how many books you want to read in a year. I first started with 12 books a year and managed to grow up to 20 books a year. I was never fully aware of how much (or how little) I was reading until I started to set reading challenges and to actually track the progress.

Reads, I can myself accountable and I can be part of a huge community which is more than happy to recommend books and so on.

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It’s a great way to learn new things and to keep track of your progress. I’m so happy I’ve been doing this for the last four years or so.

Big or small, bold or shy, goals are meant to make you a better person. If you discover that a goal is not in-line with who you are or who you want to become, don’t feel ashamed to quit it and set a new goal.

For me, goals are about the challenge of making a promise to yourself and keep your word. There’s nothing more beautiful than realising how far you’ve come.

I hope list of goals or your resolutions are bold enough to make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll be grateful for everything when you’ll see you achieved it.

Good luck!

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