Small New Year Resolutions That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

A new year is here! Yay! It’s time to take advantage of all the energy that the new year brings and start planning an achieving all those new year resolutions!

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the “new year, new me” trend, but I do love the fresh energy that a new year brings. We all create a long, long list with thinks we want to take up next year such as: eat healthier, floss, workout and so on. It’s also a well known fact that most new year resolutions fail. And that is not just because we procrastinate, but also because we ask for too much from ourselves. Psychologists say that because we try to bring so many changes into our lives in such short period of time, we fail too achieve them. So one big piece of advice is to achieve one resolution at a time, not 10 in two months.

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But there are some small, not difficult things you can introduce into your routine that will actually improve your life.

Small New Year Resolutions That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

1. Drink enough liquids

The original resolution was “drink more water”, but I think it has a lot of negativity in it. First of all “drink more” sounds like you’re doing it wrong and you have to do it better, which is not true. Even though we are told we should drink eight glasses of water (or two liters) per day, that is not entirely true. Some people need more, some people need less. Those eight glasses is an average value.

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Secondly, water is not the only thing that will keep your body hydrated. Other liquids such as soups, natural juices without sugar or fruits also hydrate you and give you a lot of vitamins and minerals.

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So drinking enough liquids is the go to recipe to success. Eat fruits, have a delicious soup and it will be a win-win.

2. Floss

I’ll have to admit that this is quite a hard one. I’ve struggled to take up flossing for quite a long time. I simply can’t keep it on a daily basis. Probably because it one of those things that you don’t actually see the results until you go to the dentist’s and he admires you perfectly healthy gums. Anyway, you will be thankful for taking up flossing when you’ll be older.

3. Regular doctor’s appointments

Because I had braces and eye surgeries, I go to the dentist’s and ophthalmologist every single year. I also go every two years or so to the dermatologist and gynecologist.

One really “health safety” thing that I’ve started to do a few years ago is to have blood samples taken every single year and run a general check up. It just makes me feel safer.

So if you know that you have health issues in your family – like a history of heart diseases – go to the doctor and run a general check up. Or just simply visit the doctor’s for a general check up to make sure that you’re healthy. It is so much worth it to be better safe than sorry. Health is the only thing that is difficult, sometimes impossible to get back once you loose it.

4. Appreciate more

Appreciating small things like being able to wake up in the morning in your own bed and have warm meals every single day is priceless. Having good friends around you that will support you when you need them to is also amazing.

Keep a small notebook where you write every once and a while thinks that you are grateful for in that day. It does not have to be huge things, maybe just a night out with your friends that made you feel really good and appreciative that you have them in your life. Read the notes when you feel down, it will give you an amazing feeling, trust me!

5. Give more

The act of giving is pure fuel for the soul. It makes you feel a better and peaceful person. Don’t think about donating money or things like that. Just smile to the shop assistant and say her “thank you”, she will smile back and it will be nice. Be kind and the world will be kind to you back.

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6. Walk instead of drive

Going to do groceries and want to take the car? How about having a nice walk and take a taxi back home? In this way you will avoid the traffic jams, stress and polluting. Having a walk is proven to be a strong weapon against stress and depression.

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7. Learn

We, human beings are weird creatures: we are lazy, but we also don’t like to be useless.

We are eager to learn new things constantly so that we don’t get bored or rusty.

Read a few pages of a good book, or surf throughout the internet to discover new things. Medium is one of my favourite websites for inspirations and not only. Don’t go for difficult skills to take up, choose small things that bring some added value to your knowledge.

Don’t forget to don’t take up all of these at once! As I mentioned earlier, the key to success is baby steps. Wanna read more books this year? Don’t set a “read 50 pages each day” goal, because it will be overwhelming and you will disappoint yourself. Start small: 5 pages today, maybe 8 to 10 next week and so on.

How does you new year resolutions list look like?

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