Smoothie Freezer Bags | Quick Kitchen Hacks

Smoothies are great because they are easy to made and delicious. Sometimes I’m so lazy I think just putting my whole breakfast into the blender and drink it up. But even having a smoothie in the morning to boost your energy from the early hours of the morning, might take some time. Peeling, chopping, blending and cleaning up. There are mornings when we don’t have time for all that. That’s why you can freeze everything!

Yep! You read it right: freeze your smoothie. It is quite basic and simple, but the results are less time wasted in the morning and a delicious smoothie ready to go.

All you need are your favourite fruits or veggies and some zip lock freezer bags. Oh, and a blender for later.

I went for spinach (because they say it’s super healthy), bananas, kiwis, apples and some pineapple. That’s what I had on hand, but you can make your own combination, of course. I do recommend to include bananas in each smoothie recipe because it gives is a really nice texture.

You will have some extra work to do preparing a few smoothie bags but it will so much worth it. Also, this is a great way to save fruits from going to waste. If you have fruits or veggies that are about to get spoiled any time soon, this is a great way to save them.

Start by washing all your fruits. Peel them (including apples) and chop them in big chunks (they will get blended all together anyway).

Split everything into portions, based on how many smoothie bags you plan on making. I used 1.5 l zip lock bags and filled them up completely. I’ve the fruits in layers, for visual reasons, but you can just throw them all in. The fruits will get mixed up in the blender any way. Also, make sure that after you fill them in, you make them lay flat. Otherwise they might freeze in big chunks and it won’t be easy to blend.

Also, squeeze some lemon juice over the fruits to help them stay fresh longer. Now pop them in the freezer and take one out when you feel like having a smoothie. Blend them as they are (frozen) or let them melt down a little if you’re not really into frozen smoothies. Don’t forget to add some liquid to make it more drinkable. You can add milk (dairy or not), yogurt, fresh citrus squeezed juice, or just plain water. The options are unlimited.

 If you want to make it extra healthy add some chia seeds on top. Chia seeds have no taste and makes them perfect to be added in pretty much everything. You can also add some honey to make the smoothie sweeter. Not to mention that  honey is healthy too. So there is no better way to start your day!

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